This is so obviously brilliant why hasn't it been done yet? God knows they've remade everything else. Knight Rider can get four crappy reboots and A-Team gets a movie, but nothing for Magnum? » 3/06/14 3:52pm 3/06/14 3:52pm

I think Harry Potter started as a children's book and grew up with, and eventually surpassed the age of its audience. The books got progressively darker and more adult as she went on, to the point where I think this ending would have been perfectly appropriate.

I also don't believe in protecting children from… » 3/01/14 12:52pm 3/01/14 12:52pm

Here's how it was explained to me. Might even have been an io9 post. Heroes was supposed to be a series of origin stories. That's what Kring was good at, but he had the misfortune to begin at the dawn of long-form TV. » 2/24/14 8:24pm 2/24/14 8:24pm

I actually had to scroll up and check the author's name here to see if it's someone I trust or some random shill I've never heard of. It is someone I trust so I'm going to take this seriously. » 2/21/14 10:35pm 2/21/14 10:35pm

This book was given to me as a gift by a writer I greatly respect. I remember reading it cover to cover over a long period while I worked the front desk at University Plaza. I did not like it or understand it, but I struggled with it because I felt this was the kind of book that sophisticated people should read and I… » 2/16/14 2:58am 2/16/14 2:58am

I share some of Rob's frustration but I got the opposite impression from this episode. Carl was in danger of becoming too awesome, too fast, without having to work for it. » 2/10/14 10:06am 2/10/14 10:06am

I understand the grumpy old man thing, I really do. But this does NOT look bad. Nice dynamic, good voices, and genuinely funny. I'm willing to give this a shot. » 2/06/14 6:33pm 2/06/14 6:33pm

That 90 seconds of Supernatural will make you love the show again. Powdered donuts, competitive eating, and a dead-on "cop from Fargo" impression. » 2/03/14 11:44am 2/03/14 11:44am

Dammit, Science. How many movies do we have to make before you get this? Turn the rats into superintelligent zombies and we still have a strength/mass advantage. Turn the monkeys and... » 1/31/14 5:23pm 1/31/14 5:23pm

Confused blaster fights, wooden Mace Windu delivery, pod racing, and so much Jar Jar, even in the trailer. We were warned, but we could not see... » 1/29/14 3:30pm 1/29/14 3:30pm

It's available on iTunes already and having watched it, I gotta say, the whole tone felt wrong to me. This whole New 52 thing feels like an attempt to make the 21st century DC Universe into the 1990s X-Men universe. » 1/27/14 7:24pm 1/27/14 7:24pm

This backfired on me. I've taken so long to do anything with this novel, I ended up with a soundtrack full of embarrassing 90s songs and had to go back and update it. » 1/27/14 12:08pm 1/27/14 12:08pm

I do not agree with your opinion, but we live in a land of freedom where even those with unpopular opinions must be allowed to speak (unless they're political, ew). » 1/27/14 11:18am 1/27/14 11:18am

Did I really just see RoboCop riding a tricked out RoboCycle with neon red highlights? Is there already some kind of toy I can buy or do I have to wait for the movie? » 1/22/14 2:33pm 1/22/14 2:33pm